Symantec ProxySG v6.7 Advanced Administration

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Symantec ProxySG v6.7 Advanced Administration

Course Overview

The ProxySG 6.7 Advanced Administration course is intended for IT professionals who wish to learn to master the advanced features of the ProxySG.


This course is for IT network or security professionals who have practical experience with the ProxySG in the field and wish to master the advanced network security of the ProxySG.

You must have working knowledge of ProxySG Administration and should possess advanced knowledge of networking, security, and authentication.

Module 1: Using Authentication Realms

Module 2: Understanding Authentication Credentials

Module 3: Understanding Authentication Modes

Module 4: Understanding HTTPS

Module 5: Managing SSL Traffic on the ProxySG

Module 6: Optimizing SSL Interception Performance

Module 7: SGOS Architecture

Module 8: Caching Architecture

Module 9: System Diagnostics

Module 10: Introduction to Content Policy Language (CPL)

Module 11: Using Policy Tracing for Troubleshooting

Module 12: ProxySG Integration